BPT is the essence of any periodontal treatment. BPT has the following two aspects:


Where by means of motivation techniques and multimedia systems patients are taught to improve their capacity to control plaque.


Where periodontal hygienists (qualified with a university degree of Expert in Periodontology) of Clínica Sicilia remove supragingival and subgingival calculus with scaling and root planning techniques.

A well-trained periodontal hygienist using high-quality augmentation instruments (micromagnifiers) and proceedings is very efficient in completely removing subgingival calculus in probing depths of up to 5 mm approximately.

This educational and therapeutic process usually lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, but there are also shorter treatments as the so-called “Full Mouth Disinfection“, where gums are gradually disinfected and calculus and local irritants are removed, while patients get motivated and improve their ability in their specific oral hygiene techniques.

If detected in early stages, in depths values of less than 5 mm (periodontal pockets of 5 mm or less), BPT can often solve the problem completely. On the contrary, in more advanced cases with pockets of 6mm depth or more in certain areas, it is necessary to use additional techniques to this treatment: ERBIUM-YAG laser, microscope assisted deep scaling or periodontal microsurgery techniques are some examples.


Full Mouth Disinfection

Short lasting

In spite that the progressive basic periodontal treatment (4-6 weeks) is a proven technique, the problem that always arises is that it takes long; this is particularly true for busy patients or for those who live far from the clinic, as foreign patients or from other locations far away in Spain.

Since the early 2000s, the periodontology team of the University of Leuven (Belgium) has been working in the “Full Mouth Disinfection” concept. The team showed that a periodontal disinfection treatment that includes intense scaling and root planning techniques, together with the appropriate hygiene, cleaning of the tongue, and systematic chlorhexidine rinses would achieve 48-hour results that are equal to those of the conventional 6-week treatment.

This treatment can be supplemented with ERBIUM-YAG laser techniques or microscope-assisted deep scaling.


The New Therapeutic Alternative

The Erbium-Yag laser is a new therapeutic alternative more convenient, secure, fast and painless for patients. This technology offers a more pleasant and comfortable periodontal treatment, which also improves quality and efficiency.

Many additional benefits for patients

Reduction of post-operatory discomfort.

Antiseptic and/or germicidal effects of the laser beam.

Ideal for patients with injection phobia and fear of dentists.

Particularly efficient for the treatment of peri-implantitis.


The ideal complement to Basic Periodontal Treatment (BPT)

For those patients in the initial stages of advanced periodontal disease, and in cases where we try to avoid periodontal surgery.

In this treatment, we use micro-instruments and the light and magnifier of the microscope to perform scaling and root planning in isolated areas with deep periodontal pockets. The treatment is often complemented by applying the ERBIUM-YAG laser with feedback system that allows for subgingival calculus detection through laser fluorescence.

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