Warning signs for mouth rejuvenation

The passage of time affects our bodies. One of the most affected organs is the mouth, and the smile, our “visiting card”, turns dark and insecure.

Loss of brightness in our smile

Gum disease and receding gums

Increased sensitivity

Plan of action against the aging of the mouth

Nowadays, with the latest technologies, we can fight against this aging process on all fronts.

Curing periodontal disease

Healthy gums, healthy heart. With minimally-invasive treatments periodontal disease can be treated safely and non-traumatically.

Maintaining the achieved health

With an accurate control of your periodontal health using the latest advances to assess activity areas and prevent periodontal disease, including monitoring with the specialized software of the Florida Probe. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to carry out a computerized evaluation of all the aspects of periodontal disease, detect the areas of activity and draw up an effective preventive programme.

Putting the shine back in your smile

You can put the light back in your smile with the most advanced procedures for clinical whitening, such as Diode Laser Whitening.

Recovering lost teeth

You can recover your lost teeth with minimally invasive restorative and implant microsurgery, as well as with interactive computer-guided surgery, including immediate teeth replacement.


Get your bright smile back

Dental whitening is a safe, reliable and effective option to radically improve the appearance of your smile.

Whitening techniques activated by diode laser allow us, in a single visit, to lighten several shades the colour of your teeth and achieve that bright smile that will give you joviality and confidence.

Diode laser for dental whitening is a fast and painless method that offers immediate results and minimal side effects.

Smile with us!

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