Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit

¿What is the minimally invasive surgery unit?

The minimally invasive surgery unit lies on a treatment facility concept designed by the R&D+I team of Clínica Sicilia allowing specialist to work in a collaborative fashion towards achieving smile minimally invasive reconstructions in a day in totally or partially edentulous patients or patients with failed prosthesis due to infections or dental fracture.

It comprises two microsurgery operating rooms (Spanish Health Registration No.: C.2.5.1/3396), an intraoperative laboratory to make provisional immediate restorations, a 2D and 3D radiology unit and several recovery surgical suits, including a private bathroom, where patients can rest and recover while their provisional fix prosthesis is being designed.

In this space, a team of periodontists, anaesthetists, odontologists, microsurgery assistants and laboratory technicians con work collaboratively to achieve immediate teeth replacement in a day.