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Our years of experience in the oral health industry speak for themselves. Continuous training of our human team and our facilities with the latest technology are key factors for our leading position as one of the best dental clinics in Europe.

The premium quality care system of our treatments and the personal attention we provide to patients define us. Our mission: to give you a perfect smile.

A team of highly qualified professionals with many prestigious awards for their professional performance is willing to treat you. They are committed and enthusiastic workers looking at providing complete satisfaction to our patients.


Our mission is to give patients a high quality care service in their treatment, as well as in the prevention of periodontal disease and the restoration of lost teeth with dental implants.


To strengthen our leading position as a renowned centre in the industry, continuing to be a point of reference in periodontal microsurgery and implantology in Europe.


We centre our collective efforts in patients. Complete satisfaction of our patients is our main goal, and a SMILE AFTER TREATMENT our main asset. In order to achieve this, we use the following tools

Highly skilled and motivated professional team

Allowing us to offer the best treatments both clinically and humanly. We want our patients to FEEL AT HOME.

Our facilities with the latest technology

Allow us to provide better care to patients.

Most current surgery and patient care techniques.

Continuous improvement of processes and services

Always seeking excellence in our care assistance services.

Constant introduction of state-of-the-art technology

Being, for our patients, at the forefront of innovation.

R&D+I structure allowing for the development of advanced treatment techniques.


Clínica Sicilia is a dental centre specialised in the areas of periodontal microsurgery and dental implantology, dealing with both the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, and the restoration of lost teeth with dental implants.

Our business started in 1986 and today, 30 years later, employs 30 professionals and assistants: periodontists, odontologists, anaesthetists, dental hygienists, microsurgery assistants, radiodiagnostics technicians, laboratory technicians, microsurgery assistants, certified nurses, IT experts and a valuable management and customer service team.

Since its foundation, Clínica Sicilia has been renowned for its highly skilled professional team and pursuit of innovation and development.

Pioneros en impantes dentales - Clinica Sicilia


We became a state-of-the-art centre in dental implant treatments.



Our scanner pre-operative diagnosis protocols on dental implant patients are published in the book “Guía Rápida para el Diagnóstico Preoperatorio del Paciente de Implantes Dentales” (Quick Guide for Pre-operative Diagnosis on Dental Implant Patients).

Instalaciones de radiología


We developed a combined digital radiology and imaging system that includes one of the first digital orthopantomographs in Spain, a great step forward at that moment in reducing exposure to radiation.



Our centre became one of the first centres in Europe to apply microsurgical techniques, installing two complete microsurgical machines.

Obtención certificado ISO


We were one of the first group of clinics in Spain to develop and obtain the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 for quality management systems.



We developed a system for computer-guided surgery that combines four different and complementary treatment protocols, including a robotized surgery (Robodent®).

Escáner Icat Clinica Sicilia


Clínica Sicilia was the second dental centre in Europe to use an i-CAT in its radiology unit, a maxillofacial computerized tomography system that creates high quality 3D maxillary reconstructions.

Nuevas instalaciones de la clínica sicilia


We moved to our new facilities in the heart of Oviedo (Spain) with more than 900 m2 devoted solely to periodontal surgery and dental implants. In these facilities, we are developing the concept of Interactive Computer-Assisted Surgery, with a Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit, where we keep striving, from Asturias, to continue being a benchmark centre of Periodontal Microsurgery and Implantology in Europe.

Instalaciones de radiología


We contributed as founding members to the creation of the association Best Quality Dental Centres (BQDC), whose mission is to help disseminating clinical excellence in odontology.